School Mission Statement

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At Quail Hollow Middle School, we are on the P.A.T.H. to college and career success!

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Our mission is to build a student body that is on the P.A.T.H. to accomplish diverse college and career readiness goals by developing a growth mindset among students, building a culture where all school community members feel valued, using student achievement data to inform instruction, and strategically supporting our struggling readers.
Our world is ever-changing and we cannot begin to imagine the technological advances that will occur in the lives of our middle school students, nor the career opportunities that will become available in the next 50 years.  It is our job to provide our students with the foundational knowledge and skills that will allow them to thrive within this context of constant change.  Some students will choose to attend college and some will not, but we cannot predict these aspirations of our children when they are 11-14 years old, so we must ensure all students have the option to apply and succeed in college if they choose this path.  All children need to realize their potential to achieve at high levels and pursue college and careers that require a college degree.


We – students, teachers, staff, families, and community members – believe in the potential of all our students to master a college-going curriculum and we provide our students the resources they need to do so. We are a student body that is on the P.AT.H. to accomplish our diverse college and career goals to succeed in the 21st Century. We are a community of character that expects the best of each other. We are a team that operates with dignity, integrity, energy, and commitment to serve others.  Our school is a source of strength and pride for all.


Falcons S.O.A.R. on the P.A.T.H. to college.
S Safety We need to feel physically and emotionally safe and valued to thrive academically and professionally.
O Optimism We maintain a positive culture to help us grow and overcome challenges.
A Accomplishment We can accomplish any goals we set for ourselves with hard work and dedication.
R Responsibility Together We maximize our potential to achieve shared goals by recognizing our interconnectedness.