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Physical Education and Uniforms

Dress Code

Athletics and Physical Education

Students at Quail Hollow Middle School are expected to continue a tradition of proper dress for school and school-related events. The dress code is created to ensure student attention is focused on learning. Students are expected to follow the school dress code at all times with the exception of participation in athletics and physical education. This policy is intended to clarify expectations for students participating in physical activity during the school day and at before- or after-school fitness events. This includes but is not limited to middle school sports and fitness clubs such as Girls on the Run and Cross Country for Youth. Note: This policy is only intended for fitness participants; spectators are expected to comply with the general school dress code.

Athletics (Middle School Sports and Fitness-Related Clubs)

Participation in clubs and sports is a privilege. If students are unable to meet the expectations for attire outlined in this policy and by their coach or club leader, students may lose the privilege to participate in the activity.

  1. 1. Student should wear attire appropriate to the activity in which they are participating. For example, it is appropriate for students participating in yoga club to wear yoga pants. It is appropriate for students on the track team to wear running shorts. It would not, however, be appropriate for a student to wear running shorts to participate in yoga. Students should follow the specific guidance about attire for their activity provided by the coach or club leader.

  2. Students are expected to wear tops that cover their stomachs and chests at all times.

  3. Straps on tops are expected to be “three fingers” wide or wider. Visible sports bra straps are acceptable for fitness activities as long as the top worn over the sports bra meets the other criteria outlined in the policy.

  4. Students are expected to wear bottoms that are “fingertip length” or longer unless specifically given permission to wear shorter garments by a coach. Examples of when this is appropriate include manufacturer-created running shorts and cheerleading skirts. Coaches will confer with the Athletic Director and Principal prior to advising students on attire.

Physical Education Class

All students are expected to change clothes for participation in P.E. class. Failure to meet attire expectations for P.E. class is reflected in a student’s participation grade.

Students are expected to wear a Quail Hollow Middle School P.E. Uniform for class. This uniform consists of a gray t-shirt and maroon shorts.